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Slab Leak Detection & Repair in Concord, CA

Undetected leaks could be draining your wallet faster than bank ATM fees. If you haven't had your home checked for leaks in the past few years, your water bill might be twice or three times as much as it should be. Not only that, if the leak happens to be in your wall or beneath the floorboards, I could be causing structural damage to your house, which can be extremely expensive to fix. 

Our Concord leak detection specialists are expertly trained to locate hidden leaks in your home. We can detect and repair:

  • a Concord leak detection specialist is checking a toilet reservoir leakToilet reservoir leaks
  • Water leaks in your walls
  • Leaks between levels of the home
  • Slab leaks
  • Lateral drain line leaks
  • Irrigation system leaks
  • Pool recirculation and filter system leaks
  • Leaking dishwasher and washing machines
  • And more

We Are Concord's Slab Leak Repair and Slab Leak Detection Specialists

After a slab leak repair in ConcordSuccessful slab leak detection in ConcordWhen it comes to slab leaks - those leaks under your concrete floors -we rely on electronic leak detection equipment. We use a sonar device to send signals into the ground where the pipes run and listen for the return tones. There is a specific tone that resonates when there is water present.

This electronic slab leak detection process allows us to pinpoint the source of a leak so we don't have to create exploratory holes in your floor. By using electronic water leak detection in your floor, we can find the leaks faster and get to work on your slab leak repair faster, while also minimizing damage to your floor and foundation.

We Can Quickly Diagnose a Leaky Toilet

These aren't the only places that leaks can hide, but they are the first places we'll check. We start with the places that could be costing you the most cash. The top spot is inside the home - the toilets. A single leaking toilet, draining at an average of ½ gallon per minute, can waste over 20,000 gallons of water a month, and you might not even notice it. We will test all of your toilets with an environmentally friendly dye by placing a few drops in the reservoir. After five minutes w will inspect the bowl for any signs of the dye. If it is present, you have a leak.

video drain inspections with our see snakeWe'll Find Your Leaking Appliance Connections

Another common leak inside Concord houses is from appliance connections. Washers, water heaters, dishwashers and refrigerators with water dispensers can all leak from warn out seals or incorrectly installed pipes. We can visually inspect all supply and delivery lines to make sure you have no unwanted leaks in these hard to see areas.

Our Plumbers Eliminate Drain Line Leaks

Drain line leaks don't usually show up on your water bill, but they can create a huge mess in your lawn. Broken drain lines allow wastewater to accumulate in the soil and create swampy areas in your lawn. These cesspools are filled with all of the waste from your home – toilets included – which creates a smelly, dangerous situation for you and your family. We can inspect your lateral drain line with a video snake to determine if there are areas of concern. If we find them, we can patch the lines with an in line resin delivery system or replace the entire lateral with a trenchless sewer replacement.

We Even Handle Gas Line Leaks

In addition to water leak detection, our specialists can also detect gas line leaks and eliminate them, safely and effectively.

Our leak detection team can also detect and repair leaks in irrigation systems and pool equipment.

Our Leak Detection and Leak Repair Services Extend Beyond Concord

We are also available for leak detection and leak repair throughout Contra Costa. Visit our service area page or speak with a team member to learn more.

  • water damage that could have been prevented by a slab leak detection in Concord CAwater damage caused by pipe leak

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