Septic Services in Concord

Septic tanks can be a simple, prudent method of waste control for your home, if you get the right system, installed properly and maintained regularly. With the help of natural bacteria, a septic tank breaks down waste and distributes the waste evenly into your drainage field. Thus it is safely reincorporated into the environment.

Plumbing Solutions offers septic services to Concord that takes all of the stress out of your septic system. You’ll be able to flush and stop worrying, just as if you were connected to a city sewer service.

Septic Tank Installation

a septic tank installed in Concord

Septic tanks are often under-appreciated. While they can be gross, they’re also essential as a safe way to store waste and treat it to prevent harm to the environment. If you don’t have access to a city sewer line, installing a septic system is likely the safest way to handle your waste.

Before you get a septic tank installed, there are many things to consider. A septic tank has to be sized correctly for your property. It has to be strong, durable and connected to the right kind of system. You also need to consider whether you want a leach or dispersal field and which type.

At Plumbing Solutions, we can advise you on the right type of septic tank and system for your home or property. We handle all aspects of installation, so you don’t have to stress. You can be sure you’ll get the system that is right for your property. Plus, we will install it expertly so that it will work smoothly.

Septic Tank Maintenance & Pumping

We stand behind our work and are happy to maintain and pump the septic tanks we install. If you didn’t get your system installed with us, we can still maintain it to ensure it functions properly and doesn’t affect your home.

how a septic tank works

Proper septic tank maintenance and timely pumping keep your septic system functioning. They prevent damage and major repairs so that your system costs you less over its lifetime. Maintenance can also prevent smells and bacterial infections from developing in the tank.

Your septic tank will need to be pumped every two to five years, depending on how much waste it deals with and whether it has a filter. Pumping the system removes the waste that can’t be processed by the drain field. This waste naturally settles in the tank. However, if there is too much solid waste it will be forced out on the drain field, which can lead to serious problems. We can tell you if your system needs to be pumped.

Septic system problems can be a mess to fix and may have detrimental effects on your property or your health. Therefore, you want to work with a company you trust to do the job right and that you trust to keep you honestly informed about what’s going on in your septic tank.

Choose us for Septic Services in Concord

At Plumbing Solutions, we always strive to keep you informed. We offer flat-rate pricing and expert workmanship, so you can feel confident choosing us to handle your septic system.

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