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Service Area

For us, Concord is just the beginning. Here are just a few of the other cities we service.


pipe replacement in Moraga, CAOur Moraga plumbers are big on service. Whether you need an emergency pipe replacement or a planning a new bathroom addition, we've got you covered. Our expert plumbing team is fully licensed and trained to deal with everything from sewer blockages to matching the perfect hardware to your existing décor. No job is too big or too small for the Plumbing Solutions team in Antioch – we maintain high quality service and performance across the board!


locomotive SP 1258 on display at Martinez Amtrak station What else can you get from Plumbing Solutions? How about slab leak detection service, water hammer control, gas line installation or anything else in the Martinez area. Our Martinez plumbers will get your water system running to its peak performance level and you'll be saving money before you know it. Speaking of before you know it, we make fixes fast without compromising quality. Our high tech equipment helps us perform most tasks in half the time it used to take. Not anymore. Time is money and the professionals at our Martinez plumbing team save you both!


Do you have plumbing issues in Alamo? Don't worry, we're here to help. Our plumbers in Alamo have decades of experience helping your friends and neighbors get the best plumbing systems in the area. Don't try a DIY solution when you can have a professional handle it for a reasonable price. You run the risk of causing more damage or not having a professional looking finish. We have the tools and the talent to get the job done right the first time, every time.


a plumber is fixing a pipe in LafayetteIf you're in Lafayette, you're in luck. We've just expanded into your area. You can now get a premier Lafayette plumbing team to your door without having to spend and arm and a leg. You'll get a team where you know that 100% if the work is guaranteed, every member of the team has passed a thorough background check, and we won't be done until you are a satisfied customer. Since we price by the job, we'll stay as long as it takes to get your problem solved – no extra charges.


aerator added to faucet in Orinda CAYou'll love the service you get from our Orinda plumbing team. Whether you need a trenchless sewer repair or aerators added to your faucets, we're the team for you. Of course, you may need a plumber at the drop of a hat to cover an emergency. That's okay. We're on call 7 days a week to make sure your emergency gets fixed immediately. Our Orinda plumbers can be to your door faster than anyone else and have your life back to normal.

Pleasant Hill

Ben is one of our Pleasant Hill plumbing technicians No one in Pleasant Hill wants to waste money on a second rate plumber. We're at the top of the game and continue to strive to remain there. We charge fair rates and our Pleasant Hill plumbing technicians will go the extra mile to advise you on low cost options and solutions for repairs. You'll never be price gauged when we're on the job. Our techs will make sure that you are satisfied with your quote before they get started. Then we'll make sure you are happy with the end product too!

Walnut Creek

a plumber is adding new pipes in Walnut Creek One thing that sets the Plumbing Solutions plumbers apart from others in Walnut Creek is the amount to which we are licensed, bonded and insured. It doesn't matter if you live in a brand new home or an older one, we handle all plumbing systems. We are familiar with galvanized pipe replacement, PEX installation, L and M Copper and more. For a plumber in Walnut Creek that you can trust, call Plumbing Solutions today!