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Sewer Line Replacement & Repair in Concord, CA

Trenchless sewer repair in Concord with a bobcatBefore trenchless sewer repair, trenched sewer repair was one of the dirtiest and costliest jobs in the plumbing world. It used to involve digging up the entire length of the existing pipe and removing it piece by piece. This would require destroying anything above the existing line, including patios, driveways, landscaping and lawn areas, all of which would have to be replaced after the new line was installed. The entire replacement process could take up to a week, but getting your yard back to normal could take months.

That's not the case anymore. When you call us for trenchless sewer repair in Concord you'll get your sewer replaced in a day or two at a fraction of the cost, without tearing up your yard in the process. Call today to speak with a local trenchless sewer replacement specialist, or read on to learn more about how the trenchless process works.

How Does Trenchless Sewer Replacement Work?

End of a trenchless sewer line installationThe end of a steel cable is attached to our hydraulic cable puller which pulls the bursting head and pipe through the existing sewer line. The bursting head is slightly larger than the existing sewer line so as it is pulled it fractures the old pipe and drives it into the surrounding dirt. The new line then takes its place. The ends of the pipe are fused to the existing inlet and outlet to provide a no-nonsense leak barrier.

A trenchless repair requires two holes to be dug, one at the point where the sewer line enters the home, and one where the line attaches to the city sewer line. Our team then treads a steel cable down the hole and through the existing sewer line. A hardened steel bursting head is attached to the end of the cable and the new sewer pipe is attached behind it. It's the minimally invasive approach that saves money and recovery time for your yard.

What's really nice about this type of replacement is that it only takes a couple of hours from start to finish and leaves your yard looking great. No trench lines, no excessive hourly fees, and you'll get the same HDPE piping that will last a lifetime (actually more like 200+ years).

Why Do I Need My Sewer Line Replaced?

Concord trenchless sewer replacement technician prepares the machineConcord CA plumber caps a vertical extension during a trenchless sewer replacementNo sewer lateral will last forever. Invasive tree roots, external pressures, systemic sewer clogs and other factors can eventually destroy parts of your sewer line, which can case sewer backups and leak sewage into the soil. Several cities throughout the Bay Area now require sewer inspections when selling homes or structures, and in many cases a full trenchless sewer replacement with a cured in place pipe is the most cost effective solution.

Why Call Us for Sewer Line Replacement in Concord?

At Plumbing Solutions, we like to let our service record speak for itself. Homeowners and businesses in Concord and beyond call us again and again because they know we stand by our word, do good work, and will go the extra mile to earn their business, time after time.