Concord Water Softeners

Whole house water softener system installation.

Hard water is a constant problem in Concord. We have the hardest water in the country, with magnesium and calcium levels that could do in a water heater long before its time. Those minerals don’t just cause havoc with your water heater, they make it harder to clean everything from your hair to the dishes to your clothes. They also leave deposits along your pipes, slowly shrinking the diameter the water can flow through, just like plaque in the arteries. The result, in either case, is high pressure and eventual failure. If you don’t already have one, call us for your Concord water softener installation needs today. With free estimates, impeccably good reviews, and one of the most dedicated service teams around, you’re in good hands.

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Common Water Softener Issues

  • Salt bridge
  • Timer malfunction
  • Clogged brine tank
  • Resin decay
  • Float valve failure
  • Water pump motor issue
  • Electrical problems

Water Softener Repair Experts

Many homes in Concord already have water softeners installed, but that doesn’t mean they are all working properly. If you have noticed a recent change in the way your water tastes or feels, or have a yellow or brown tint to your water, there could be a problem. Call us. We’ll send out a specially trained technician that knows the ins and outs of water softener systems to do a water quality test. From the test we will be able to determine the hardness of your water and whether or not your softener is working. If it’s not, there could be any number of problems.

Hard water is not only a nuisance, but over time it can damage appliances in your home. Call the experts at Plumbing Solutions today at 925-250-4102 to schedule service.